Vestido de novia #SUD

Vestido de novia #SUD

Halloween time is just a few short weeks away and it is time to start planning for your fabulous party. Remember, the earlier you plan, the better the chances of saving and being able to stick to your party budget. There are a lot of things involved in planning a party especially for Halloween and it never hurts if you would start early.

The most important things to consider about your party are the food and drinks. Next would be the decorations and the entertainment for the party. Appetizers and desserts can be converted into decorative pieces as well especially during Halloween. Your Halloween party invitation should scream of fun and entertainment as well.

Here are some tips you should consider to have a fun and memorable Halloween party on a budget.

Have a theme and color pattern for your party

The theme is where it all starts. Have a fixed theme for your party where your guests can relate to. From here, you can start planning and creating a list on the things that you will need for the party especially for the props, decorations and entertainment for the party.

Check your home for readily available items

With the aim to save but still have fun for you party, you should start looking for items that are already available inside your home that can be used for your Halloween party. These include décor, tablecloths, dishes and several items that can be repainted and redecorated to be transformed into your Halloween party decorations.

Invite a few friends and relatives

Keeping the number of guests low does not mean that you will make your party less fun. This will just make the party more affordable and more intimate making it more fun and easy to handle compared to having a party with a big crowd.

Match your food servings and accessories with the theme

To make the party really Halloween like, be sure that your food and decorations are in line with your theme. If you have a Zombie theme for your party, include a lot of chocolate and brownies on your menu list. DIY graveyards made from old cartons and Styrofoam would complete the look of your Halloween party as well. You wouldn't have to worry about dirt coming inside your home for the mean time with all the kids running around your yard and home with a party theme like this as well.

Go with DIY décor ideas

Since you started planning your Halloween party early, you can still have time to do things and decorations by yourself. With a few old items at home, paint and some creativity, you can save a lot of money from décor and accessories when you create them by yourself. You can involve the whole family as well to make an experience out of it.

You can also consider borrowing old decorations and accessories from families and friends to keep your budget in check. Extra chairs and tables can also be asked from your friends too. Do not be shy to ask.