Sometimes you have to leave not for ego but for self respect. via (…

Sometimes you have to leave not for ego but for self respect. via (

In keeping with the spirit of trying new things that I have never tried before, I really wanted to try my hand at making my own laundry detergent. Yes I know, it sounds ludicrous and like nothing more than a waste of time, but I have found that there are several advantages of doing this homemade project.

First, you can save a ton of money on detergent. All the supplies I bought for about a years worth of laundry cost me around $15.00 approximately. Now, compare this to what you would normally spend in a month of washing your clothes and you will find that you can save quite a considerable amount of money. Secondly, I do not have to deal with any of the additives that are in other commercial detergents that cause my kids to break out every now and then. Whenever my wife and I had our first son, the doctor told us to make sure that we did not use regular detergent for the first few months of the baby's life because of the sensitivity of his skin. My son has continued to have dry skin patches whenever he comes in contact with his clothes after I have washed them with certain commercial products. So this can be great for parents with new babies, and it is a lot easier than you might think.

Another reason is that you can control how much of what ingredient goes into the batch of detergent that you make. There are many different types of soaps out there that have different consistencies that can be appropriate for you and your family. The recipe that I used was one that I found on the web and that I've tried and works great. There are many more out there as well that you can try. And finally, the last reason why you should try making your own laundry detergent is that it is quick and easy. The whole process from start to finish took me between 10-15 minutes max. You can get a large return on a small investment, which is a great deal in anyone's eyes.

There are many different tips you can use that are natural and much cheaper in the long run, such as using plain vinegar as a fabric softener. When I first heard this the first time, I was afraid my clothes would come out smelling like vinegar but it worked great. I challenge you to take a leap of faith and give it a try!