Ruby Red Grapefruit Ginger Cocktail

Ruby Red Grapefruit Ginger Cocktail

How to choose Christmas presents is always a problem, especially for your children. They do not care how much you have spent on their Christmas presents, but if you always buy the same gifts for them, Christmas means nothing to them except disappointment. So parents need to be a little more attentive to the gifts you would give your children. If you have no good idea, how can you make gifts for your children? For example, if you want to make Christmas day a little different, you can even use your old jeans to make Christmas stockings for them. Can you imagine how they would feel when they discovered that a pair of their mom's / dad's jeans have become their Christmas stockings? Of course, they must be exciting. This idea sounds good, right? Here are some tips on how to make such Christmas stockings.

Before you start making socks you should find a pair of jeans. Of course, to make it a surprise, you can also choose to do it in secret, but make sure the owner would not be upset that he dropped a pair of jeans. What you need is a stocking pattern. This is very simple; you can create or draw one according to an old Christmas stocking.

Then you can cut out two jeans and then attach the stocking pattern to it. Then you can sew them together. But these socks would be too simple if you just do this. So you can also add some decorations like embroidery or painting to make it more beautiful and special.

With the right side together, sew around three sides of the sock so that the top is open. And then you can turn your socks so that the grooves in your sewing can be hidden. You can still find another flannel shirt that belongs to another family member and make a cuff to the top of the sock.

The last step you should take is to sew the cuff to the sock. Of course, a strap loop is also necessary to help hang your socks.

With such a special gift you do not have to worry about what you would present to your children, right? I think that when you see their pure-hearted smiles and appreciations, you would also be happy.