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Home improvement projects can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities for anyone who likes to put around the house and come up with new ideas about how spaces and living areas should look better. Here are some ways you can give your home a face lift without having to dip too deep into your pockets to make it a brighter place to live!

Get rid of the mess

Nothing makes a house feel smaller and miserable than the presence of too much everywhere. This is neither good for what your home looks like nor for all the residents. So take a deep breath, steel your back and attack the piles of magazines or the dusty figures in the living room shelves.

Take a quick inventory of the things in your home: if you haven't used it or even noticed it in the last three years, it's time to throw it out. Include carpets and curtains that have been destroyed beyond hope, furniture that does nothing but give you bruises, toys and clothes that have grown out and decorative objects that have long served their purpose. You will feel the incredible difference in home improvement when you have done a thorough job of cleaning it up!

Give things a new look

Are you tired of the cramped green in the living room walls? Why not give them a makeover by sponge or swirling a contrasting color over them? This can easily be done with the right color, a sponge or a couple of brushes. Turn your old sofa into an attractive point of contact by buying or making a slipcover for it in an interesting fabric. Do the same for pillows.

More about DIY home improvement - change kitchen curtains for something with a lively pattern. Replace cabinets and cupboards, light fixtures, curtain rods and bathroom fixtures. Polish furniture, lamps, mirrors and all surfaces and see how these details work together to create a whole new look.

Come up with a theme

Is the country you are after or Victorian? Do you prefer bold colors or a more muted atmosphere? The nicest interiors are the ones that have a uniform feel to it. Don't think it means that when you choose yellow for a room, everything should be yellow. Contrasting colors and interesting patterns are part of the fun, as long as they contribute to the harmony of an area. Too much happening in a room is a sure way to kill a good vibe.