Hübscher Hairstyle für den Herbst! – kurzhaarfrisuren Frauen

Hübscher Hairstyle für den Herbst! – kurzhaarfrisuren Frauen

I'm a timer merchant and I've got to admit I've always had a fascination with wood. I suppose I love the idea that you can grow something, which is natural and use it eventually to make practically anything you desire. You can make skirting, tables, chairs, stairs and even houses from something as simple as wood. As there are so many varieties of trees through it can become confusing so I've written the following article describing the different types you can use for skirting and other types of furniture or home improvement projects.

The Oak is a tree, which has the Latin name Quercus, which comes from the Northern hemisphere. There are roughly 600 species of this wood alone, which is pretty impressive. It doesn't grow fruit but nuts, which are called acorns. It has a density of about 0.75g / cm squared so it's very sturdy and heavy. If being used for skirting boards it won't chip easily or dent and if used as furniture can withstand a lot of use. It can be expensive but it's a hard wood, which will last a lifetime. For most people this is the number one choice.

Walnut wood comes from a tree with the Latin name Juglans they can grow to a staggering 130ft long and it comes in a variety of 21 species. The cultivation process of the tree is to harvest its nuts for consuming and using the wood for things such as skirting boards and furniture. It's a soft wood so it is only used for indoor items and not used outside often. It's a strong wood as it has close grains. Although we often think of the walnut finish being dark, which it most commonly is it can come in a creamy appearance dependent on the species. Like the Oak this can be an expensive wood because of it's good quality yet polished finish.

Ash wood is another option of most carpentry work and this comes from the Fraxinus tree. Oddly enough this tree comes from the Olive and Lilac family. Classed as an evergreen it has up to 65 species. As it's got a high resilience to damage it is more often used for handles on tools and wooden bowls etc but can still be used in the household.

Although I haven't been able to list all the types of wood I hope I've highlighted to you the best ones for furniture so that in future you know what to look out for.