Printing your own cards is a fun art hobby. When you intend to print your own cards, you may be inclined to think that using a printer is the easiest way to print your cards. Technology allows us to create a print with the click of a button. But despite the extra steps and knowledge of printing a card by hand, there are machines out there that make it easy and fun to print cards.

One such machine is a Gocco printer. This printer style is quickly being threatened. With manufacturers ceasing to produce in 2005 and the remaining stock sold in various stores around the world, this printer can produce a hand-printed result. If you manage to get hold of one, here are some steps to help you use it.

Step one: Have your paper ready and cut to size. The printer will print on a 3.5 x 5.5 inch area but there are some Gocco printers that will print with a larger screen.

Step Two: You must create an imprint on the screen. To do so, line up the greeting or image you want to duplicate in the center of the print block. Place 2 light bulbs on the lamp. Be careful, the bulbs are coated with a toxic chemical, so wash your hands afterwards. Place the lamp on top of the light spot and slide the screen in front of the flashlights. Place it on top of the image and push down the corners to flash. This will make an impression of your image on the screen.

Step Three: You can now put the ink on the screen to print. Remove the lamp and screen. Place the screen face down on the table so you can drop the ink on the print area. You should use ink with charcoal in it for best results.

Step Four: Start Printing! Place the screen inside the placement area and place glossy paper in the center of the clipboard. Take down the screen and press and record it again. You should be able to print up to 50 times with the same screen if you used a generous amount of ink.

This is a great way to make homemade cards, make your own invitations, make postcards and make cards cheap. For more information on card making, see Make Your Own Card.