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Planning parties of all kinds can be very difficult and tiring, especially when working on a tight budget, but a smart DIY would know how to stretch that budget and still pull off a fun and festive party with some help from friends and family.

Have you got ready with your party plans with the Fourth of July festivities just around the corner? Let's give you some DIY suggestions that will help you maximize your resources.


Here's a basic truth: Colored craft paper or tissue and a pair of scissors are your best friends! Cut up some red, white and blue craft paper and create pinwheels of various sizes that you can use to decorate your walls, windows and tables. Smaller gears can also be used as beautiful cookies / cupcake toppers.

If gears are too complicated for you, try to cut up stars and flags and breathe life into them by putting some glitter on them. String them together with a piece of yarn or ribbon, and you already have a glittering wreath that adorns your table or garden plants. In the meantime, you can use the fabric to make beautiful pompoms and hang them around your house or porch along with white headlights (maybe you kept them from last Christmas?) And you have an eye-catching set of decorations yourself.

To jazz up your dining table, choose a light red table runner or place mat and spread some of your cut, glittered stars around. A vase with red, white and blue flowers in it can serve as your simple center, or you can add small balloons and flags to make it look more cheerful and festive. It's up to you if you want to light some candles on the dinner table, just look for the kids who might want to play with them.


Traditionally, the Four July parties are all about the grill, but let's add some color to the dining table, shall we? Fruits and vegetables are always a healthy part of their diet, so throw up a salad or cut up some fruits for a mixed fruit skewer. Homemade pizza is also a nice option, as it is very easy to make, and you can put almost anything on pizza that you don't really need to buy too many ingredients.

And what is a party without sweets? Serve your guests with a simple strawberry and blueberry parfait, or a vanilla frosted cupcake with red and blue candy sprinkles after dinner. If you could, set up a small dessert table and set up candy dishes filled with assorted red and blue candies like Skittles, M & Ms and gumballs. Don't forget to serve some smores too! The kids (and the kids at heart) will surely love them.

The fun

It has become increasingly difficult to get the kids to come out and play lately, what with all the computer games they could get hold of, so encourage them to go down and dirty with a hunt on the Fourth of July! Before the party begins, hide various items in your garden (or inside your house) and write down a list of clues as to what each hidden item might be. Each child will then try to determine what hidden objects are and then find as many as possible. This is your talk about what to give the winner afterwards.

There are many other outdoor games that the kids and even the adults can play like dodgeball, sackcloth, water balloon fight and relay games - the only limit is your (and the kids') imagination. After a fun afternoon, be ready to light the evening with your sparklers!