Is it not too early to plan family ski trips? For travel and budget savvy it never is. In addition, waiting until one month before the ski season reaches its peak will only guarantee packing loans and sky-high premium prices. Therefore, the early birds will not only get the mask but also the best accommodation that the resort has to offer.

While many people prefer the convenience of packed holidays, some may opt for DIY skiing holidays. Even if yes, planning every detail of your ski trip will involve a lot of buying, research and planning knowledge , the payouts can be huge:

  • Flexibility. Everyone can say what they can do during the skiing holiday. It is a win-win situation if each family member has their own preferences.
  • Freedom. Planning your own ski trip means that you have the freedom to explore the ski resort in your own way. This means you can visit attractions off the beaten track and even ski (with of course a guide). You will not have to worry about sticking to the schedule set by your travel agent.
  • Savings. When planning all aspects of your ski trip, you can choose the cheapest flights and accommodations available at the resort.

But with great freedom comes great responsibility. When handling every detail of your trip, you must go through all the lengths to make sure your trip goes smoothly. This includes registering your children at a ski school of your choice, and making sure everyone and everything is accounted for (the last thing you want is to lose your luggage or ski between connecting flights, or find out the little George who had the wrong flight). And if you bring toddlers or toddlers, the stress can be further amplified.

Therefore, if you are still down this road (at your own risk), here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a DIY ski trip:

  • Avoid the rush . Planning a DIY ski trip requires a lot of research, so you need to do it sooner. This not only guarantees that you get first dibs on the best homes, but you will get it for much less. There are many discounts during the off-season as most ski resort operators try to get more to book early to avoid the rush.
  • Check the fine print. Many airlines, especially budget airlines, charge extra for ski or snowboard gear. Therefore, if the airline you choose allows you to book in the carriage early, do so in advance as you may be charged more if you wait until check-in.
  • Choose late or early season. Prices are usually cheaper in the early season (when crowds are just buzzing in) or late season (when everyone is eager to return to reality) because snow conditions are not usually out of high season. In addition, you will enjoy the tranquility of an almost empty ski resort during this time.
  • Select lesser known destinations. The high season still guarantees the best snow conditions. And if you want to meet the slopes during this time of year (but still want to avoid the crowds), go to lesser known resorts and destinations. With a little research, you can discover hidden gems that can guarantee as much fresh powder as their more popular counterparts at a fraction of their cost.
  • Don't forget about childcare options. Ask the hotel or facility operator if they have a babysitter or day care center where you can relax your little ones while enjoying your day on the slopes. But do it with caution: Some day care centers have employed people who may not have the certification required to tend to have younger children. Therefore, it is best to examine the nursery before transferring your child to care.

Remember that DIY ski trips may not be for everyone. Therefore, it is best to investigate other options first before considering this route. Poorly executed guarantees not only misery, but also hidden fees that you will be very surprised to find out.